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Support Our Vision: Establishing the Tech and Innovation Center in Rochester, NY

Our Goal:

Mission Fulfilled 2030 embarks on an ambitious journey to raise $2.45 million for a transformative project in Rochester, NY. This capital campaign is not just about building a center; it's about creating a future where young Black males are empowered, skilled, and integral to the tech community.

Breakdown of Funding Needs:

  • Acquisition of the Tech and Innovation Center: $700,000
      • This funding will enable us to acquire a permanent space for our programs, laying the foundation for a hub of learning, innovation, and community development.
  • Technology Equipment and Buildout: $250,000
      • Investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment is crucial. This funding will ensure that our center is equipped with the latest tools and resources necessary for cutting-edge STEM education.
  • Launch of Certified Black Boys Program: $500,000
      • This program aims to provide industry-standard certifications in IT, cybersecurity, AI, and coding. The funding will cover curriculum development, instructor fees, and program materials.
  • Youth Tech Entrepreneurs Program: $250,000
      • Focused on nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, this program requires funding for mentorship, resources, and support systems to guide young innovators in their tech business ventures.
  • Full-time Staff: $750,000
    • To ensure the success and sustainability of our programs, we need a dedicated team. This funding will cover the salaries of 5 full-time staff members for a year, including educators, program coordinators, and administrative personnel.

Why Support Us?

  • Impact on the Community: Our programs are designed to address the educational and economic disparities faced by Black families in Rochester, NY.
  • Empowering Future Leaders: We are not just educating; we are molding future leaders, innovators, and community builders.
  • Sustainable Change: With a focus on long-term skills and career development, we're contributing to sustainable change in the tech industry.

Partner with Us in Shaping the Future of Tech Talent

Investing in Mission Fulfilled 2030 is not just a philanthropic gesture; it's a strategic decision for your company's future. By supporting our initiative, you're directly contributing to the cultivation of a diverse and skilled talent pool, essential for the tech industry's growth and innovation. Your partnership helps ensure that young Black males have the opportunities they need to succeed and become the tech leaders and innovators your company will rely on tomorrow.

Can You See the Vision?
Envision the Technology and Innovation Center at the John Lewis Building transformed into a bustling hub of youth and technology with your partnership. Contact us to help turn this vision into reality and ignite a world of possibilities for young at-risk youth in STEM
Technology and Innovation Center for Black Boys
This CGI-generated graphic offers a glimpse into the potential future of the Technology and Innovation Center, made possible with your support.
In our possession yet awaiting transformation, these rooms in the Technology and Innovation Center are poised to become vibrant hubs of learning and innovation. With your support, we can unlock their full potential and breathe life into these spaces.
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Who Supports The Vision

We see a future where we:

  • Activate 100,000 Black boys by 2030 in Tech/STEM
  • Build a network of 10,000 tech coaches and mentors
  • Engage 1,000 companies to commit to seeding youth tech programs, and hiring and developing diverse talent

Contact Us

  • qxio-ios-location-outline55 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614
  • qxio-ios-telephone-outline(585)507-4828

The Nonprofit

Mission Fulfilled 2030, is an exempt organization as described in section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN is 84-3323054

Guidestar Certified

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